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Details on How Baylor Sent in a Mole to Sexual Assault Survivors Groups to Influence Them

Former students of Baylor University are filing suit against the institution after discovering a mole infiltrated a sexual assault, survivor groups in an attempt to control the narrative and prevent the school from becoming embroiled in public relations scandals.

PR reports that Baylor 1o former students filed a Title IX lawsuit alleging that Baylor downplayed sexual assaults and used a mole, director of student activities Matt Burchett, to play damage control on their behalf.

The issue came to light in August 2015, when former Baylor football player Sam Ukwuachu was convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to 180 days in county jail. Ukwuachu is appealing his conviction.

In the same month that Ukwuachu was convicted, Baylor’s office of general counsel retained Ketchum for comms support, according to Jason Cook, Baylor’s VP for marketing and comms and CMO.

One source familiar with the matter identified the “mole” as Matt Burchett, director of student activities at Baylor, whose job is to coordinate student pursuits such as picnics, parties, and demonstrations. The source said Burchett, acting as a liaison with university officials, played damage control on their behalf.

Burchett also tried to shape the group’s public statements, encouraged it not to say Baylor “failed” the survivors or Baylor “failed” to create a safe environment, two sources said. When the group was preparing to send a letter to Starr, Burchett suggested edits.

Baylor responded to the complaint and has filed a motion to keep documents and other communications between the University and PR advisor Ketchum sealed. The complainants are working to have the documents released claiming they are relevant to their case.