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Robert and Kel’s 2018 WWE SummerSlam Predictions Guaranteed to Be Wrong

SummerSlam 2018 has the opportunity to satisfy hardcore marks and casual fans alike, but it’ll take smart booking, pacing, and storytelling to put it among the best SummerSlams ever.

Robert Littal and I (Kel Dansby) take a shot at booking the biggest PPV of the summer.

Rusev and Lana vs. Cien Almas and Zelina Vega

ROBERT: How did Rusev go from main eventing a PPV to the pre-show? Cien Almas wins, and it marks the end of Aiden English with Rusev. ALMAS & VEGA WIN

KEL: I believe Cien Almas is going to have an important run on SD Live this year, but the addition of the ladies in this match makes me think that Vega will take the pin and keep Almas strong. RUSEV & LANA WIN

Cedrick Alexander vs. Drew Gulak

ROBERT: This’ll probably be the match of the night, and I like Cedrick here. ALEXANDER WINS

KEL: 205 Live has been the best WWE product over the past 6 months… Yes, that includes NXT. This isn’t the best matchup they could’ve put together but it’s a great way to continue’s Cedrick’s title reign. Lio Rush is coming for the gold soon though. ALEXANDER WINS

The Revival vs. The B-Team

ROBERT: The Revival has to be happy to be on the show. Going with the B-Team. B-TEAM WINS

KEL: I’m appalled by Rob’s pick here. The B-Team got their little moment in the spotlight, but it’s time to get back to real tag team wrestling. Revival win and AOP comes to wreck everyone. REVIVAL WIN

Finn Balor vs. Constable Corbin

ROBERT: Another dumb program, but going with Balor. BALOR WINS

KEL: I’m ready for the Demon to come back to WWE television. It’s a bit of a waste to use it to defeat Corbin, but I’ll ignore that and join in on probably the biggest pop of the night. BALOR WINS

Nakamura vs. Jeff Hardy

ROBERT: Randy Orton will probably kill both of them, but Jeff needs a break and Nak seems to be finding his groove, so Orton RKO’s Hardy allowing Nak to win before Orton kicks him in nuts. NAKAMURA WINS

KEL: I’m tired of Orton stealing Nakamura’s thunder but I’m smart enough to know that it’ll happen again. I expect Orton to cost Hardy the match and RKO Nakamura for good measure. NAKAMURA WINS

Strowman vs. Kevin Owens

ROBERT: I don’t think this has helped either of them, but you get the feeling whoever wins is going to cash in on Reigns or Brock after the match especially if it is KO, so we will say KO. OWENS WINS

KEL: Braun isn’t helped by having the MitB and Owens being the slimy guy teasing a cash in is amazing for programming the next few months. I have Owens cheating to win and Braun being mad as H-E-Double Hockey Sticks! OWENS WINS

Carmella vs. Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte

ROBERT: This seems like the perfect time for Becky to be the champ before they transition to Charlotte or Asuka, so I am going to roll with Becky, she deserves it. BECKY WINS

KEL: If there’s one thing that I know it’s that Vince can’t help but make Charlotte look amazing at big events. I expect Flair to continue her sparkling record at these main PPVs and set up an eventual Rousey feud. CHARLOTTE WINS

New Day vs. Bludgeon Brothers

ROBERT: The New Day has been killing, and no cares about Bludgeon Bros. Get the belts off them and let the tag team division be great again. NEW DAY!!!

KEL: The Bludgeon Brothers need to have a great match, win or lose. At this point, I’m leaning toward the later and will say that the New Day return to the top of the tag team division. NEW DAY WIN 

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

ROBERT: Rollins seems destined for bigger things, and Ziggler is a great IC champion. This is the blowoff match, Ziggler wins, and they go their separate ways. ZIGGLER WINS

KEL: This is my hail mary pick. I say Ambrose turns on Rollins at some point in the match and cost him the victory. This lets Dolph defend against a guy like Balor and Rollins turn his sights toward Ambrose. ZIGGLER WINS

Daniel Bryan vs. The Miz

ROBERT: Frankly, this should end Summer Slam, with that being said this match has been 3-4 years in the making and could lead to an even bigger event down the road. It is imperative that the Miz wins this match CLEAN if he loses they kill any chances of a more significant match at Wrestlemania, don’t mess this up WWE. MIZ WINS

KEL: Can’t add much to Rob’s prediction. I also think the Miz wins this match and carries this feud into Survivor Series time. MIZ WINS

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe

ROBERT: Styles has had the belt for a long time, starting to get stale, the only thing holding Joe back were injuries, I think they make the switch to Joe. JOE WINS

KEL: AJ Styles is going to break all types of records as a champion. Samoa Joe is fantastic and can keep stalking Styles for a few months, but the belt doesn’t change hands tonight. STYLES WINS

Alexa Bliss vs. Ronda Rousey

ROBERT: I am not sure it is the right time to put the belt on Rousey, seems rushed and too early. Bliss gets DQ’d. RONDA WINS

KEL: I swear I’m not just copying Rob’s answers, but I think this Ronda feud has to be stretched out. Bliss getting DQ’d doesn’t weaken Ronda or her win/loss record. RONDA WINS

Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar

ROBERT: In an ideal world, they would get the belt off Lesnar. It has gotten so bad that fans are now cheering for Reigns, so that means Lesnar has hit rock bottom. We might get swerved again, but I think Roman wins. ROMAN WINS

KEL: I’m over this dumb feud. ROMAN WINS CLEAN