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David Fizdale Shares How Emotional He Got After Beating Memphis

Considering the way David Fizdale exited Memphis and how the Knicks were able to get this win in the bag, you can bet he was super emotional. Fizdale shares how he got emotional with his team post-game.

The taste of victory is oh so very sweet and when you’re David Fizdale, it came delivered in the best of ways. Returning to Memphis must’ve been rough and it was not going to be a walk in the park because if you glance at the standings, Memphis is in fourth place.

Emmanuel Mudiay and Enes Kanter both had stellar games. Mudiay went on record to say that the team took it personal and wanted this win for Fizdale.

“I know I took it personal,” Mudiay said after scoring 17 and dishing four assists. “Actually all of us took it personal. We wanted to come out here and get a win for him.”

How did coach react? Well, how would you react?

”You’re getting me emotional because I can’t put it into words,” Fizdale told the New York Daily News after the win. “My suit is ruined. Emmanuel [Mudiay] came up to me, him and Tim [Hardaway Jr.] both, were just hugging me and telling me it was for me. And then they all came in and I lost it [crying].”

So, would you label it a revenge game? Let us play a quick game of devil’s advocate.

Can we see the same action tomorrow night as the Knicks are headed to Detroit? The action all starts at 7 pm, EST.