Despite Monday Loss, Knicks Starting Lineup Is What Stirred The Pot

In a game in which the Knicks should’ve been ahead by at least 15 points, made its way to double overtime on a Monday night. Fans stayed around waiting for a Knicks victory but instead, the Bulls improved to 3-8 and thus, tied the Knicks. What has us talking is the young lineup.
History was made on Monday night as it was the youngest starting lineup in Knicks history, averaging 22-100 days old. That stat alone made me feel old. The starting line up Monday night was: Ntilikina, Trier, Dotson, Vonleh, Robinson. Fans, as well as I, were excited about Trier starting. If you recall, Hardaway Jr was out with a contused lower back.

Coach Fizdale continues to mess around with lineups and this is getting fans somewhat antsy as they’re all anticipating a victory run. Realistically speaking, it’s not going to happen just yet for the Knicks. Remember, rebuild mode. In addition, patience.

So far, the Knicks have 10 games under their belt. Some of these games have ended extremely close and then others, were in double digits. If you look at the public sentiment, people are either against Fizdale’s lineups and then they’re for it because he’s giving minutes to the young squad. At the end of the day, people are never going to be happy. Personally, the lineups are dynamic, energized, and again, eager to win.
Monday night’s game was a tough loss but they stayed close. I dare you to not get excited about this block.

Regardless of the outcome of the game, the young bucks had us all in the game. Their energy is what’s going to keep us tuned in as they’re desiring to win every single game.
The Knicks face the Hawks tonight at 7:30 pm EST.

Erika Fernandez

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