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CBS On If They’ll Run Weed Commercial During Super Bowl (Video)

Marijuana company Acreage Holdings attempted to pay for an ad during the Super Bowl on February 3 but got denied by CBS, according to A proposal was submitted but wasn’t successful enough to convince them that it should go on the air. Sources close to TMZ say that CBS doesn’t allow “cannabis-related advertising.”

Acreage was trying to display a positive message in their ad about how a woman who has Dravet Syndrome that lives in Oklahoma. Laws there are strict on marijuana use to help her so she had to move to Colorado. Acreage president George Allen is saying the ad is to “create an advocacy campaign for constituents who are being lost in the dialogue.”

Acreage founder and CEO, Kevin P. Murphy told TMZ that the ad would’ve been a PSA and not an ad. He also wanted it to be positive as it would’ve included benefits of marijuana and how crucial it is to saving people with health issues. $5 million would’ve been spent on the PSA.

It’s safe to say that many viewers would’ve been on board with this. Don’t be surprised to see marijuana-related ads in the Super Bowl in the next 10 years though as more states legalize it. Flip the page to watch Murphy talk about the PSA with TMZ.

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