Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence On Loving Hanging With Trump & Eating His McDonald’s Dinner (Video)

Clemson won it all and with that got a chance to visit the White House and have dinner with Donald Trump. You’d assume they’d have a fancy meal of some sort at the minimum, but no. For Clemson, they were eating McDonald’s. Yes after winning the title, having an opportunity to visit the White House, they were fed McDonald’s. Trump has to be the biggest troll of all time.

Clemson’s QB Trevor Lawrence wasn’t stressing about the food choice according to TMZ Sports.

“It was awesome, we had McDonalds and everything. It was good!”

Trump enjoyed his time with the team and tweeted about it. Trump is truly something else, McDonald’s… The team could’ve stopped at one on their way to the White House. Flip the page for the video of Trevor Lawrence and pics of Trump showing off the celebration.