Details on R Kelly Allegedly Holding Two Women Hostage at Trump Tower; Here is What Happened When Cops Showed Up (Videos)

2019 is only 12 days old and it is already trying to top 2018 with the wild stories.

How did I know that Trump would somehow end up in the middle of this, I am begging someone in the press corp to asking him about his relationship with R Kelly.

Here is the latest via TMZ.

R. Kelly came face-to-face with cops in Chicago after an anonymous caller claimed the singer was holding two women hostage.

The Cook County State Attorney’s Office got a tip Friday that Kelly was at his Trump Tower residence with the women … and he was holding them against their will. We’re told cops raced to the property and made contact with R. Kelly and the women.

Our sources say 5 officers came to the home and ordered Kelly into the other room while they questioned the women. According to Chicago PD, both women said they were at the residence voluntarily and nothing untoward was going on. Police then left without incident.

The two women who they said was being held hostage you are probably familiar with. Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary’s families believe that R Kelly has brainwashed them, but for now they are telling the cops they are fine.

The cops are just looking for one break to arrest R Kelly, but they haven’t found it yet.  There definitely needs to be a Surviving Donald Trump documentary in the future, because he is a predator just like Kelly.

Flip the pages for R Kelly mocking his accusers and Savage saying she is fine and not being held hostage.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline