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Luka Doncic Makes MSG Debut; Knicks-Mavs Preview

There are quite a few things to discuss when it comes to the Knicks, but this piece is going to be about how special MSG is going to be for Mavs rookie Luka Doncic. What can we expect from Doncic and the Knicks tonight?

At the tender age of 19 (soon to be 20), Doncic is captivating audiences everywhere. The best word to use to describe him would be unreal. Tonight, Dallas is in town to face off against the Knicks. The Knicks officially have the worst record but this evening, it’s about seeing how Doncic does against a team who is also around his age group.

Doncic has been usually playing no less than 30 minutes per game. Against the Pacers, it seems that he was having an off night as he played 24 minutes, scored 8 points, and was 3-14 in FG.  But then again who doesn’t have an off night? Lately, he’s been on a hot streak, so you can expect that to also be present this evening as the rookie is preparing for the Rising Stars game during All-Star weekend.

So how exactly can we expect tonight’s game to go? Well, for starters, the Knicks have been on a losing streak and the last time they won was on January 4th. In addition, they officially have the worst record in the NBA. There’s various ways of looking at this- you can insert several curse words or look forward to the lottery because that’s the goal.

That 10-39 record isn’t going anywhere. The Mavs virtually turn into the favorites to win tonight’s game.

However, the Mavs aren’t necessarily contenders anymore despite that 22-27 record and occupy that 13th spot in the West. It’ll be a battle of who will lose hardest tonight.

We might’ve left the best for last, but this might be the last time Dirk Nowitzki graces The Garden with his presence. Obviously he hasn’t confirmed he is retiring but it’s being highly alluded.

You can catch tonight’s game at 7:30 pm.