Swaggy P Tells Fan Not to Take His Pic at Car Wash; Fan Takes Pic Anyway so Swaggy Punches Him in the Nuts; Here’s Why The Cops Are Involved

Two days before the New Year, Nick Young was waived from the Denver Nuggets and it seems things aren’t lightening up in 2019 for the 33-year old baller.

Reports from TMZ claim that Young has been named a suspect in an incident where a man was robbed of his phone and assaulted.

LAPD received a call on January 4 from a man who was at L.A car wash and spotted Young. Just being a basketball fan, the man took a pic of the 6-foot-7 guard but Young did not want his photo taken. He snapped on the fan and punched him in the testicles. Then took his phone.

No arrests have been made but cops are still investigating.

Prior to signing with the Nuggets in December 2018, Young won his first NBA championship with the Golden State Warriors. He played for several teams throughout his 11 year career including the Lakers, Sixers, Clippers and Wizards.