Watch Russell Westbrook Trash Talk Multiple Blazers, Tells Damian Lillard, I’ve Been Busting Your Ass For Going On 11 Years Now’ (Video)

Russell Westbrook is as competitive as they come, and against the Portland Trailblazers Mr.Triple Double didn’t hold back. The Oklahoma City Thunder would win the matchup  123-114  Tuesday Night. Westbrook would finish with a 29-14-10 triple-double on 9-of-20 shooting.

Jusuf Nurkic, Damian Lillard and Evan Turner felt the wraith of Westbrook. The good news is these two teams will face off again 2/11 and 3/7. I’m willing to bet Westbrook is looking forward to those matchups. Flip the page for the videos of Westbrook going at the Blazers.