Details on Sports Broadcasting Legend Warner Wolf Arrested for Ripping the Word “Plantation” Of Gated Community Sign Because He Said It’s Offensive (911 Audio-Video)

Warner Wolf, who is famous for coining the phrase, “Let’s go to the videotape”, was arrested in Florida after officials say he ripped the word, “Plantation,” off a sign at a private community. Wolf lives in a gated community called “Classics Plantation Estates” in Naples, Florida (about 60 miles from Miami), but he thinks the word, “plantation,” is offensive and wanted it removed.

According to the police report, Wolf had lobbied the homeowners association to drop it for months, but on November 30, the 81-year-old finally took matters into his own hands. Cops say Warner drove to the main community sign, which is located in a fancy fountain, and used a tool to remove the word himself, per TMZ.

Officials say they have video showing Wolf defacing the sign. Following a lengthy investigation, he finally surrendered to police on Thursday. Also, cops say Warner returned the letters from the sign to the community security guard.

Wolf was booked for causing criminal mischief that resulted in more than $1,000 in damage, resulting in a felony. He was released on $5,000 bond. Wolf is a sports broadcasting legend, who previously worked for ABC Sports and called Monday Night Baseball, football and the Olympics. He also had a cameo in “Rocky IV.”

Flip the page for the 911 call Warner placed, as well as him broadcasting during his heyday.

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