Watch White Florida Cop With History of Making False Arrests Caught on Camera Choking & Cursing Out Black Man and Calling Him Boy While He Held His Infant Child (Video)

A Florida cop, with a known history of making false arrests, is under investigation after body cam footage captured him berating and choking a black man while he held an infant child.

Miami Herald reports that Broward Sheriff Office officials are investigating Deputy James Cady after body cam footage captured him angrily accosting a black man while he held his infant child.

The bodycam video picks up with Cady asking Floyd, who is holding his child and sitting on a curb, if he has a separate room at the motel. Then, Cady demands, three times, to see Floyd’s identification. Floyd shows Cady pictures on his phone, apparently to show he’s the child’s father, a gesture Cady disdains.

Finally, after Floyd shakes his head at Cady, Cady says, “OK, fine, I’m going to take her to jail because she’s got a warrant and I’m going to call child services on this kid!” When Floyd starts to say something, Cady says, “Quit f—– with me, boy! You hear me? Get your ID! Now!”

Eventually Cady says, “I want to know who this baby is going with!” and Floyd replies, “He’s going with me, Allen Floyd.”

Floyd rises from the curb, still holding his child in his left arm. Cady steps toward him. Floyd turns to walk away and says, “Stop calling me ‘boy!’ ”

Cady grabs Floyd by the right arm while Bridgman grabs Floyd’s child from his left arm. Then, the video shows Cady’s left hand holding small papers that, along with Floyd’s torso, partially block the bodycam while his right hand is up in Floyd’s throat area.

In the official report on the incident, Cady’s presence isn’t even noted, although the video shows he played a key role.

To watch the video in its entirety, courtesy of Miami Herald, flip the page.