How Tickets For R. Kelly’s Next Concert Were Selling So Well They Had to Do This (Videos)

R. Kelly continues to become cancelled as a result of last month’s “Surviving R. Kelly” documentary series that exposed him having sex with underage girls for the past three decades, including Aaliyah. He’s now under investigation in Georgia and is fighting over the use of his Chicago studio that he wants to use past midnight.

While many venues in the United States refuse to host his concerts, that isn’t the case overseas. According to TMZ, he’s in very high demand in Germany. Kellz will be performing there this spring in the city of Ludwigsburg on April 12. The demand for this show has been so high that a bigger venue is needed. The original show was scheduled to take place at MHP Arena.

The show then got sent to the town of Sindelfingen. When that got full as well, it got relocated to Ratiopharm Arena in Neu-Ulm. This arena holds 9,000 people.

Reps for this venue aren’t worried about the backlash at all. It’s crazy that he’s still loved in Europe but expect this to be the case for the rest of his career. A lot of people decide to put music past the person. Flip the pages to view clips from the Surviving R. Kelly documentary.

Yuriy Andriyashchuk

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