Ja Rule Trolls Failed “Fyre Festival” On Social Media; Here’s His Logic Why You Shouldn’t Be Mad (Tweets-IG Post)

Unofficial co-conspirator of one of the biggest scams of 2019 Jeffrey Atkins better known as “Ja Rule” is making light of a terrible situation he helped fuel. If you’re not aware of the phenomenon that was the “Fyre Festival” long of the short is imagine thinking you’re going to the Bahamian version of Coachella but in reality, you end up playing Survivor: Fema Island.

Ja Rule was big in promoting played a pretty big role in promoting this fantasy but when it wasn’t delivered faded to the background. Now that some time has passed he feels he can make jokes about people being scammed and losing almost everything.

Twitter was not having, but Ja Rule might have some points. Flip below to see the Tweets and follow me on the Twitter @SBReports706.