Black Woman Calls Cops After Her Neighbor Pulls Gun on Her; Watch Florida Cops Get There & Decide to Assault Her; Man Who Pulled Shotgun on Her Not Arrested (Video)

Are you surprise?

A black woman is called a whore and had a shotgun pulled on her, but the cops decide she is the one who needs to be arrested and assaulted.

This is sickening.

Miami-Dade police relieved one of its officers of his regular duties after a video surfaced of police violently taking down a black woman who had allegedly called them for help.

A Miami-Dade officer adds, “if anything, she needs to be taken down,” referring to the black woman at the scene, later identified by WPLG as Dyma Loving.

“Why do I have to be corrected when my life was just threatened?” Loving responds, telling officers she just wants to charge her phone.

Within moments, officers lunge at the woman, who doesn’t appear to have done anything to provoke them. As the police manhandle Loving, a bystander filming the confrontation pleads with the police to stop.

“She didn’t even do nothing,” she tells officers.

Two officers then proceed to headlock Loving and drag her to the ground, dislodging her wig in the process. The arresting officers were identified in a police incident report as A.I. Giraldo and J.F. Calderon, according to the Miami Herald.

According to a police incident report, Loving was allegedly involved with a confrontation with a neighbor prior to the arrest. Police say Loving and a friend were walking by the home of her neighbor, Frank Tumm, when he called Loving’s friend a “whore.” The friend, Adrianna Green, told police she grabbed a plant from Tumm’s yard and threw it at him. He responded by grabbing a shotgun and pointing it at Loving and Green, threatening to shoot them.

The cops is on “desk duty” now and amazingly Love is still being charged while the guy who pulled the shotgun hasn’t been charged.

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Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline