How Kobe’s Stolen High School Jersey Was Found In China By Kobe Fanatic Who Bought It For $2,000; Details On If He Sent It Back To School

In 2017, Kobe Bryant’s signed high school jersey at Lower Merion High school in Ardmore, Pennsylvania was stolen. Now, it turns out that it has been found all the way in China, according to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin.

28-year-old Liu Zhe of Harbin, China said he had bought the jersey for $2,000. He’s a huge Kobe fan as he has his No. 8 and 24 Lakers jerseys along with his USA Basketball No. 10. He then realized that the Lower Merion jersey looks similar to that of the one given to the school and then wanted to return it to Bryant.

A rep for the school contacted Zhe and both agreed that he’d mail the jersey back. Zhe doesn’t want anything in return except for Bryant to know that he was the one who returned it. Lower Merion got the jersey back last week. Hopefully Zhe gets to meet Bryant as he will be visiting Shenzhen, China this Saturday.

Yuriy Andriyashchuk

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