Kevin Garnett’s Wife Breaks Down Why She Needs $200k a Month in Support & Why She Wants KG to Cut Her a Check For $300k Right Now Even Though She Signed a Prenup When They Got Married (Court Docs-Pics)

Kevin Garnett has been with his wife Brandi for 14 years but now the two are dealing with a serious divorce. Brandi is coming out swinging too as she wants a lot of money in this case.

In legal documents obtained by TMZ Sports, Brandi wants $146,000 in monthly spousal support in addition to $46,000 in monthly child support, which would equate to over $2.3 million a year. The two have two daughters together.

She definitely remembers that he’s made over $300 million in the NBA.

Flip the pages to see why she wants an additional $300,000 check in this case.

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