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Knicks John Jenkins Talks NCAA Brackets With BSO (Video)

We’re talking brackets this evening and they don’t even require an introduction. Sure the NCAA tourney started a few days late but we spoke to Knicks John Jenkins about the tournament and he even offered some insight, especially since his alma mater is Vanderbilt.

Many of you have about 10 hours before the deadline is cut off and you’re not longer able to participate. Many buy-ins are $5, which is reasonable while some people actually take this seriously. May your brackets survive the first half of the day because by the end of the day, you truly didn’t have a chance.

We caught up with Knicks John Jenkins as he shared thoughts on it but ultimately, it’s all about having fun. He even shared a team that many of us might not want to see win.

Are you going to join your job’s tourney? You know you want to!