MAGA Jazz Fan Shane Keisel Who Wants You To Believe He Didn’t Say Anything Offensive to Russell Westbrook Lied About Being a Pilot For Skywest Airlines (Receipts-Deleted Tweets-Vids)

MAGA Jazz fan Shane Keisel wants you to believe he didn’t say anything offensive to Russell Westbrook even though witnesses confirm that he and his wife told Westbrook to get on his knees like he use to.

Before he deleted his twitter account several racial motivated and MAGA tweets were recovered.

People also noticed he claimed to be a pilot for Skywest Airlines. It was on several of his pages including his Linkedin page which has also deleted.

That was a 100% fabrication according to Skywest airlines.

Flip the page to hear the airline say they have no idea who this guy is, video from Westbrook and the problematic tweets.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline