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Usher on What Lakers Fans Need to Do About LeBron (Video)

The Lakers are dangerously close to missing the playoffs in LeBron James’ first year as a Laker. The season has been filled with off court distractions from the trade deadline and criticism of LeBron’s defense seemingly every night. Really what it has came down to however is from when LeBron got hurt to the stretch after that.

The Lakers were 20-14 and sitting pretty at fourth in the Western Conference before LeBron James went down with a groin injury and missed 18 games. During that stretch he was out? The Lakers went 6-11 and dropped from fourth to ninth in the Western Conference.

While LeBron has came back, the results haven’t improved. In fact, they’re worsened. With such a dramatic plummet in the standings, Lakers fans ran out with the torches and pitchforks and have criticized LeBron all day and night. While it’s understandable why they’re upset, some of the things they’ve said have been downright ridiculous.

However, there is still an chance the Lakers do make the playoffs, but those chances look pretty slim.

One LeBron supporter is still behind LeBron and told Lakers fans to be patient with the process.

Flip the page to see Usher defend LeBron and tell Lakers fans to relax.

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