Watch Conor McGregor Stomp Out Man’s Phone; Fan Explains Exactly What Happened & How Blueface & Some NBA Players Were Involved (Video)

Former UFC Featherweight and Lightweight Champion Conor McGregor was arrested in Miami on Monday, and now video has surfaced of McGregor stomping out the man’s phone in question.

McGregor, 30, was charged with two felony counts of strong-armed robbery and criminal mischief according to Miami Beach Police.

Leaving his hotel shortly after 5 a.m. Monday morning a 22-year old man attempted to take McGregor’s picture.

McGregor slapped the phone out of Ahmed Abdirzak’s hand, stomped on the phone several times, before picking up the phone and leaving the scene.

You can hear Abdirzak shouting,

Let me get my phone man!!!

Abdirzak says he was duped by McGregor for a handshake before taking the phone and smashing it.

McGregor’s bodyguards (allegedly) kept him from getting the phone after the fighter physically grabbed the phone from him, preventing him from getting it back.

McGregor was later found at his residence, arrested, and then later released on $12,500 bond.

Conor McGregor’s Defense Attorney Sam Rabin said in a statement,

“…Conor McGregor was involved in a minor altercation involving a cell phone that resulted in a call to law enforcement. Mr. McGregor appreciates the response of law enforcement and pledges his full cooperation.”

McGregor is no stranger with being involved with law enforcement.

He entered a plea deal for his April 2018 incident at the Barclays in Brooklyn, NY for throwing a dolly at a bus and injuring several UFC fighters.

He recently completed that plea deal which required a one year clean record, five days of community service and anger management class attendance. His latest incident won’t affect that deal.

He took to IG to tell fans to be ‘patient’ as things sort themselves out.

McGregor, is one of only six fighters to win UFC championships in multiple divisions.

Flip the page to see McGregor stomping the fan’s phone.

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