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Why The Titans Need to Be Aggressive in Trading For Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown has been the talk of the NFL offseason due to a trade request that has a chance to send shockwaves throughout the NFL. He’s arguably the game’s best wide receiver and if the reported price of just one first round pick is correct, that’d be a bargain for one of the more explosive, consistent guys in the NFL.

The Titans need to be in discussions now and stay in them until Brown is wearing two tone blue.

To put it nicely, the Titans’ offense has been absolutely awful the last 2 seasons. More specifically, the passing attack has been an eyesore.

They’ve relied on a now 35 year old Delanie Walker to carry the passing attack and be the one respectable threat through the air. While that has worked for the most part, Walker himself is coming of a gruesome ankle injury, which doesn’t give off a ton of confidence in a now 35 year old. Taywan Taylor, who the Titans had large expectations for coming into 2018, disappointed with a mere 466 yards receiving and ONE touchdown. Tajae Sharpe came back after missing all of 2017 with a foot injury and was even worse than during his rookie season.

All that below average production just falls under the point that the Titans are in dire need a explosive wide receiver play.

Enter Antonio Brown.

Not only has Antonio Brown been a game changer arguably since his arrival in 2010, he’s been one of the more consistent wide receivers in the league. He’s had over 1000 yards receiving in 7 of his 9 seasons in the league, has at least 60 receptions his last 8 seasons, and has at least 5 touchdowns the last 7 seasons.

The last Titans receiver to have at least 5 touchdowns in a year? Rishard Matthews with 9 in 2016.

Yeah, it’s been that bad. It’s been criminal that it’s been that bad.

While Brown’s talent is immense, he does have some locker room questions attached to him. To that I say I care about the extra baggage that would come when bringing him to your team. His behavior during the whole Big Ben fiasco wasn’t acceptable and he needs to clean that up. But it wasn’t more of a problem with the team, more of a problem with a player that is wrongly treated like a saint by media.

I say bring him on, as that whole drama is left behind him in Pittsburgh and shouldn’t be of any issue to the Titans.


Antonio Brown is one of the game’s best players. His conduct isn’t even so major that you have to label him a problem. He’d instantly upgrade the Titans’ offense and would take loads of pressure off Corey Davis. Not only would he change the offense for right now, he’d change this franchise. I’m sure if you’ve paid attention to the Titans, (wouldn’t expect you to) but this franchise just hasn’t had this type of talent in Nashville. Let alone made a move to acquire this type of talent. Calling it a big move would be an understatement.

Titans fans need to let go of the losing mentality they have. Not wanting star players due to a spec of media negativity or wanting new players at critical positions due to one mistake that isn’t even their fault. Sounds like every other fan base, but it means more in Nashville simply because of the losing nature this franchise has had since Steve McNair became a Baltimore Raven.

I also don’t want to hear concerns that he just won’t “fit”. A player of Brown’s caliber will fit in any offense you have. Regardless of scheme or dependency on run or pass. He’s an instant 1,000 yard receiver that will bring consistency to a position the Titans just haven’t been “right” at since Derrick Mason in the early 2000s.

Good news to Marcus Mariota who’s in a make or break year.

With a dominant defense that’s only getting better, adding a respectable offense to the mix will bring about more success and less inconsistency from the offense as a whole.

So do the right thing Jon Robinson and avoid going through another QB trial in 2020.