Will Cain Compares Antonio Brown to a “Terrorist Suicide Bomber”; Max & Molly Tells Him That’s Not Cool & He Tells Them He Doesn’t Care (Video)

I have said this before, Will Cain is a MAGA operative working for ESPN.

I do analogies all the time, I know what line not to cross. You can disagree with a lot of the things that Antonio Brown has done, don’t compare him to a terrorist suicide bomber.

Also when people on the show are telling you that is cringe-worthy, don’t dismiss it.

Will Cain did both and then doubled down on it because he doesn’t have to be politically correct.

How about his Will, how about not being an asshole? Does that work for you?

Flip the page for the very offensive comment.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline