Details On How One Of R. Kelly’s Bank Accounts Overdrew To Negative $13 and How Much Money He Lost In Two Other Accounts To Settle Debt With Landlord For Chicago Studio

R. Kelly is still doing shows in order to support himself while dealing with financial trouble in the midst of his aggravated sexual assault case involving four underage girls. Now, things are getting worse for Kelly this year as one of his bank accounts just overdrew, according to The Blast.

Court documents state that $150,000 was seized from his account at Wintrust Bank. The bank soon told Kelly’s landlord about the money and his account is now at negative $13. Kelly owed back rent for his Chicago studio and was soon evicted.

Kelly’s two other accounts with Bank of America had $44,595.58 and $110,056.64 but were seized to settle the debt with the landlord. $625 is now left in that account.

Kelly looks like he won’t beat this sexual assault case and he’s losing money rapidly. It’ll be interesting to see if any more venues decide to book him. He recently performed at Dirty South Lounge in Sprinfield, Illinois, where he only performed for 28 seconds.

Yuriy Andriyashchuk

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