MAGA Nick Bosa Likes Post About Donald Trump Calling LeBron Dumb & Follows Private White Nationalist IG Acct Filled With Racial, Homophobic, Islamophobic Posts (Deleted Tweets-IG)

At this point, nothing should be seen as surprising from Nick Bosa.

He has proven he is a hardcore MAGA and Trump supporter. Someone who will like posts that include the N-word, homophobic slurs and white nationalist rhetoric. 

Bosa hasn’t denied any of this and the NFL because they agree with a lot of the same things don’t think it is a problem and it won’t affect his draft stock.

If this was a black prospect who was tweeting positive about Kaepernick, Nation of Islam, President Obama and against police brutality, you know they wouldn’t be treated the same by the media or the NFL.

That is just the truth even if you don’t want to believe it.

If you want to know why I keep posting information like this it is because you need to see how black prospects are treated differently than white ones.

Flip the pages to see Bosa liking posts that called LeBron dumb, following a white Nationalist site and more of his problematic social media behavior.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline