Andre Iguodala on How People Should Put Some Respect on “Fat Melo’s” Name & How Draymond is The Fat Melo of Defense; Twitter Reacts (Video)

Andre Iguodala was asked who was the hardest person for him to guard.

Here is what he had to say to the Athletic.

“When people ask me who is one of the toughest players to defend, and I say Melo, they’re always like ‘Really?,'” he said of his teammate. “Maaaan, Melo, he was a fast fat dude with hops. And can shoot. When he hit you with that first step, it was so quick, and then he’s strong. People need to stop disrespecting Melo. And Draymond is the Melo of defense.”

It was a compliment and a diss all in the same paragraph.

Flip the page for some of the tweets and video of Iggy saving Warriors last night.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline