Deontay Wilder on Why It is Legal to Kill a Man in The Ring & Still Get Paid For It; Advises Dominic Breazeale to Not Bring His Family to The Fight (Video)

Deontay Wilder is scheduled to defend his Heavyweight title this Saturday against mandatory challenger Dominic Breazeale in New York.

He is undefeated with only one draw on his record, a controversial draw against Tyson Fury.

Wilder is ferocious in the ring and looks to punch opponents with bad intentions.

His intentions this Saturday are to not only retain the title, but do so in devastating fashion.

Wilder addressed the media Tuesday ahead of Saturday’s showdown with Breazeale and made one thing very clear.

He believes that he is well within his right to kill a man in the ring.

Wilder saying,

“This is the only sport where you can kill a man and get paid for it at the same time. It’s legal. So why not use my right to do so?”

This isn’t the first time he has stated that he wants to have a “body on his record.”

He made similar comments in March of 2018 and reaction was swift and harsh.

Wilder speaks like a man of conviction so it’s hard to tell if he’s selling the fight or if he actually wants to inflict fatal harm to his opponent.

One thing is for sure, he believes that he will win on Saturday and he doesn’t want Breazeale’s family around to see it.

Wilder defends his WBC Heavyweight title this Saturday night.

Check out the video and some of Twitter’s reaction to Wilder’s comments.

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