Details on Cubs Ben Zobrist Being on Personal Leave Because His Wife Had “Inappropriate Marital Conduct” Aka Cheating; How He’s Trying to Stop Her From Taking Half His Money(Pics-Vids)

You know the divorce is real because Julianna Zobrist deleted him off all her IG pics.

Here are the latest details.

Cubs World Series MVP Ben Zobrist, who has been on personal leave from the team since last week, filed a complaint early this week for legal separation from his wife, alleging she “has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct, which rendered further cohabitation impossible,” according to a report in The Tennesseean.

The three-page complaint was filed in Williamson County circuit court, near Zobrist’s home just outside of Nashville, Tennessee.

Coinciding with that filing, Zobrist’s wife, Julianna, filed for divorce Monday in Cook County circuit court, according to court records, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

Separate filings in different jurisdictions in cases involving large marital assets are not uncommon. Marital assets for the purpose of divorce proceedings in some states are determined at the date of filing. Illinois is among the states that determine assets on the date the divorce is final.

Zobrist is due more than $9 million for the remainder of this season in the final year of his four-year contract with the club.

This looks like it is going to get messy and there is no word on when he is coming back to the team.

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Robert Littal

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