Twitter Reacts to Pelicans Getting The #1 Pick Over Knicks and Lakers

It seems it was written in stone that the New York Knicks would get the number one pick and select Zion Williamson. Shockingly the Knicks got the third pick and New Orleans Pelicans snuck up the ladder and got the number one.

This comes as a shocker as Knicks had a 14% chance to get the number one pick and tied with the Phoenix Suns and Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Pelicans had a 6% chance. Coincidentally, the NBA owns the Pelicans.

What does this mean for the Pelicans who have Anthony Davis who wants to leave? Will the Knicks go after the other Duke star R.J. Barrett? They can go for a guard that they desperately need but with Memphis Grizzlies holding the second pick and in the need of a guard too, they will more than likely pick Murray State’s Ja Morant.

Look at what NBA fans are saying about tonight’s shocking lottery draft.