Amanda Nunes Tells BSO She Knows She’s the G.O.A.T and Why She Wants the Cris Cyborg Rematch After #UFC239 (Video) – BlackSportsOnline
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Amanda Nunes Tells BSO She Knows She’s the G.O.A.T and Why She Wants the Cris Cyborg Rematch After #UFC239 (Video)

Amanda Nunes is still a humble champion. At the same time, she’s coming to grips with the idea that she is the greatest women’s UFC champion of all time.

Speaking to BSO and other members of the press on Monday, at UFC’s “Ultimate Media Day” ahead of UFC 239, Nunes discussed how she’s embracing her “champ champ” standing and why she now believes she is the greatest women’s champion of all time. Set to defend the bantamweight title against No. 2 ranked Holly Holm, Nunes says she takes Holm seriously but realizes she handily defeated the best of the best. Ronda Rousey and Cris Cyborg.

“I am the greatest of all-time. I beat the most dominating woman on the planet. I feel like I deserve it now.”

“A lot of people have been saying. All the things, everybody sends a message for me, a lot of letters at the gym. I have a bunch of letters that I have to send back to the fans. … Every time I sign them, I sit back. Everybody tells me now I’m the greatest. I have to say I am because people tell me, everybody tells me. I believe them and now I say I am. I deserve everything that I have in my life.”

Nunes’ opponent Holly Holm says she has to be an “improved Holly” in order to win against the defending double champion.

“I have to take her out of her comfort zone. I have to expose to holes, but I have to fix my flaws. I have to be improved Holly. I have to try and have the right game plan.”

Nunes goes on to discuss her interest in a rematch with Cris Cyborg and why she believes Cyborg doesn’t want the fight.

“This is the fight to make.

“The rematch was supposed to be right after this fight, the rematch but for some reason she is going to fight someone else. I don’t know why.

Maybe we can each other in the future.”

Cyborg took to Twitter to respond to Nunes’ remarks on their rematch stating UFC head Dana White denied her the opportunity for the immediate rematch.

Flip the page for statements from No. 2 bantamweight Holly Holm who will battle Nunes on July 6 at the T-Mobile Arena.

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