Daniel Cormier on Why Brock Lesnar Decided Not to Fight Him & Cost Him a Lot of Money in The Process (Video)

UFC Heavyweight Champ, Daniel Cormier, caught up with TMZ Sports to talk fight negotiations.

Daniel told TMZ he was “disappointed” Brock Lesnar pulled out of fight negotiations for a future bout.  Cormier went on to say he appreciates the effort the UFC and  Lesnar made to set up this fight.  DC thinks that Lesnar’s current contract with WWE is too sweet of a deal for Lesnar to get back in the octagon, let alone fight Cormier.

Ultimately, you get paid that much money to go and wrestle as opposed to fighting me? There’s no predetermined outcome there. I’m gonna try to kick your ass. So, I think he made the smart decision.

Uproxx has salary figures from 2018 had Brock Lesnar as WWE’s highest paid athlete making $12 million a year plus some live event fees. That’s a ton of money to make during a predetermined sport.

DC went on to end the interview saying it’s not all hostility between him and Lesnar.  Cormier said they were friends before fight negotiations, and now maybe they can go back to that since they are no longer potential opponents.

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