Details On Ex-MLB David Ortiz’s Condition After Being Shot During Burglary Attempt In Dominican Republic

Former Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz was shot during a burglary attempt on Sunday while in the Dominican Republic, according to CDN37.

Ortiz was taken to a hospital after he was shot in the back and the bullet went out of his stomach; he is currently in emergency surgery, this according to Marly Rivera of ESPN.

According to Ortiz’s father, Ortiz was shot at an entertainment center in Santo Domingo, as reported by ESPN’s Enrique Rojas.

Ortiz’s telling Rojas,

“They called to tell me that David is injured and that they took him to a medical center, but they did not tell me how he is or exactly where he [Ortiz] was transferred.”

A suspect has been detained with respect to the shooting.

There is unverified video of a man, thought to be Ortiz’s shooter, being assaulted during the aftermath of the incident.

Earlier reports indicated that Ortiz was shot in the leg, but the attending doctor according to Rivera stated that he was shot in the back, and his condition is stable.

The former World Series MVP finished with 541 home runs during 20 MLB seasons.

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