Details on How Much Hitman Were Paid to Shoot David Ortiz; Cops Believe Drug Lord Order Hit Because He Believed Ortiz Was Sleeping With His Wife (Videos)

What a crazy situation this has turned out to be.

We found out the ordeal that ended up in David Ortiz being shot, was a believed affair between Ortiz and a drug lord’s wife.

Yes, insane story.

We now know how much the drug lord paid someone to shoot Ortiz.

Officials say 6 total individuals were paid 400,000 pesos (the equivalent of $8K) to kill Ortiz in what they believe was a highly-orchestrated attack.

A large amount of people to carry out a hit. Meaning, this drug lord wanted Ortiz wiped out and wiped out good.

Ortiz was saved though, but had to have several parts of his intestines and his gallbladder removed to keep him alive.

Ortiz was transported to Boston to receive further evaluation and care from doctors, and is now recovering.

Thank the good lord for that.

Flip the page to see the suspected shooters being arrested.

PLUS, the police revealing evidence used in the shooting.

AND of Ortiz being transported back to Boston after the shooting.