How 10 People Including a Woman Were Paid to Murder David Ortiz; Breakdown on How The Cops Say It All Went Down (Videos)

There will be books and movies done about this David Ortiz shooting.

He is still in the hospital and we have documented how the story has circulated it was all over a woman be bought a Lexus for.

Here are the latest details on how everything went down.

Authorities in the Dominican Republic are convinced the person who wanted former MLB star David Ortiz dead is gang leader José Eduardo ‘Chunky’ Ciprián, 24.

While Chunky is currently in jail for an unrelated murder charge, prosecutors say he was the one who paid men $8,000 to shoot and kill Ortiz.

Ten other suspects have been named, some who are still at large, but Chunky is said to be the mastermind behind it all as he allegedly instructed the plan over the phone with a man named Alberto Miguel Rodriguez Mota. Another man, Gabriel Alexander Perez Vizcaino allegedly gave him the phone while Chunky was behind bars. That’s reportedly how Chunky told Mota to pay the men to shoot Ortiz. Apparently, seven men and one of their wives carried out the plan.

Behind his megawatt smile and baseball fame across two countries lie complicated issues and confounding lifestyle choices that include ties to an accused gambler, an alleged affair and an unreported car chase and subsequent coverup of the crash. Interviews with Dominican and American sources familiar with the case suggest the shooting was not simply a matter of Ortiz being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and his life may have been in danger even if he’d been in the U.S.

Ortiz was up to no good and we will have full motive probably sometime this week.

Until then flip the pages for the woman at the certain of all this.

Robert Littal

Editor in Chief and Founder of BlackSportsOnline