How Much Mariah Carey is Suing Ex-Assistant For After Leaking Info on Her Getting Butt Injections and Other Blackmailing (Pics-Vids)

Mariah Supposedly got paid $10,000 for butt shots but the information about it leaked quickly because of her ex-assistant, Lianna Azarian, according to The Jasmine Brand. A lawsuit was recently filed by Carey against Azarian saying that she tried to blackmail her with the info on the injections.

Azarian reportedly wanted $8 million or else the public would know about what Carey was doing. Carey wants $5 million in court and is saying that Azarian breached the confidentiality contract that was signed when she was hired in 2015.

Court documents added that Carey said that Azarian told blogs that Carey used her American Express card to go on a $273,000 shopping spree in Colorado on Christmas Eve back in 2016. Carey reportedly wanted to use her card to keep the expenses a secret. In addition to the shopping spree, Azarian told media outlets that Carey was cheating on then fiancé James Packer with a backup dancer that she’s with now named Bryan Tanaka.

Azarian also kept inappropriate videos of Carey as an “insurance policy” in the event that Carey fired her. This ended up happening in November 2017 when Carey threatened to fire her. The lawsuit against Azarian was then filed. Azarian still “disclosed non-public information about Carey’s personal, medical and professional affairs to the press.”

Flip the pages for photos of Carey and Tanaka together along with more info on the blackmailing videos

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