Magic Johnson Saying Now That He Has Prayed On It, He Wants to Keep Working With Lakers in Some Capacity; How He Tried to Take Some Credit For The Anthony Davis Trade (Tweets-Vids)

It seems that Magic Johnson wants some recognition for the Anthony Davis trade.

Magic’s relationship with the Lakers seems pretty strong, given that he abruptly left the team and went on First Take with his legendary interview. Allegedly, Magic’s involvement goes as recently as last week, when the Lakers were in the process of finalizing the Davis trade with the Pelicans. This is a trade that Magic couldn’t get done at the trade deadline this past season. However, Magic made sure to offer his thoughts throughout the process despite no longer working for the Lakers.

Magic spoke with the Los Angeles Times about his thoughts on the Davis trade and said he was texting the front office, ownership, and advisors throughout, offering his thoughts on what they should do. Johnson said he texted Buss, Pelinka and Kurt Rambis, the Lakers’ special advisor, last week and implored them to get the Davis deal done, per Uproxx.

“I’m still going to be right there and I’m still going to be calling and giving them notes,” Johnson said. “I told them that this trade could be great for the next 10 years for the Lakers. That’s what I sent in the note.

“Listen, all that stuff is past us. I have prayed on that and moved past being mad or upset. I want us to win, so that’s why I was sending notes. I wanted us to make this trade because I knew this was a great trade for both teams. The Pelicans got three young talented guys and they got a great pick at No. 4 and two other first-round picks so it was a great trade for them too.”

There’s no reason to believe this had any effect on the Lakers dealings, as it doesn’t take Magic to realize trading for AD is probably a good idea. Still, it’s incredible that Magic still has contact with the front office and, at least believes, he yields some sort of influence over decision making.

Flip the page for Magic’s tweets regarding the trade, as well as him resigning from the Lakers and his First Take appearance.

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