Video of Wladimir Klitschko Being Rescued at 2am When His Yacht Caught on Fire

Former Boxer Wladimir Klitschko and his family were on a luxury yacht Monday, and things got interesting. Somehow the luxury yacht they were traveling on caught on fire. Firefighters and emergency workers were called to the scene around 2am to the coast of Mallorca.

They sprayed fire-suppressing foam when they arrived. The yacht crew had already dealt with the actual fire. The firefighters still had to do an inspection and when they finished they towed the boat back to port. During the tow, smoke begins to come out of the engine room. At that time the crew were evacuated to the rescue ship.

Klitschko recorded a video stating “The boat was on fire, were hanging out outside” “were in the sea getting rescued from Mallorca/Spanish fire department”.

Klitschko tweeted this after the events..”Be careful what you wish for: fate took my wish for “some #adrenalin” a bit too literally and our boat-trip Sunday night ended up in our boat #igniting and family & friends being evacuated by coast guard and fire rescue-team.”

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