After Having His Wife, Mistress & Girlfriend at His Gun Trial, Details on How Sebastian Telfair is Trying to Hide His Money Before He Goes to Jail (Video-Pics)

Former NBA player Sebastian Telfair was convicted on charges for weapon possession and faces up to 15 years. Last month his wife, Samantha filed for divorce and is seeking custody of their two kids.

Samantha, however, is having some issues. According to her, Sebastian has cleared out their accounts without her knowing. Some she knew about and some she didn’t. The account she knew about had $520,000 in it and one of the ones she didn’t had $197,000.

Samantha thinks that because they didn’t have a prenup the assets should be community assets and thinks he’ll continue to liquidate their assets before he goes to jail. She also doesn’t think she’ll have enough for her and their kids saying

“I am fearful that if I am not able to preserve the remaining community property funds, there will not be a proper division of assets for myself and our children when our dissolution of marriage is nearing completion.”

Sebastian will be in court next month where he can be sentenced. His lawyer believes there is evidence that will exonerate him.

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