Ben Simmons’ Sister Liv Continues To Take Subliminal Shots at Kendall Jenner on Twitter; Hear Her Speak on How Jenner Disrespected Their Mother on Top of Cheating on Ben 6 Times; Tinashe Chimes In as Well (Vids-Tweets)

Coach Liv aka Ben Simmons sister recently took some shots at Kendall Jenner, the ex of her brother, who cheated on him over six times.

In a series of tweets, Liv states that allegedly, Kendall never respected the sibling’s mother whatsoever.

Liv never directly tags Kendall in the vent session, but it’s very obvious the writing is on the wall; Literally.

Who knows for certain if these are indeed facts or a sister who is hurt over her brother being cheated on over 6 times.

What is noticeable, towards the beginning of the venting, Liv responds in coherence with her brother’s ex-girlfriend and singer, Tinashe who also tweeted.

The irony is Ben Simmons left Tinashe for Kendall. Tinashe may be referencing Ben, who is Liv’s brother. What a world we live in.

Flip the page to see the series of tweets.

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