Karla From “Next Friday” Goes to IG to Say She’s Watching Herself on Netflix, But She’s Broke & About to Be Homeless (Video)

Lisa Rodriguez, the beautiful love interest from Next Friday is claiming she is homeless and seeking financial help via GoFundMe. The actress has posted a go-fund-me link in her Instagram bio and there’s a lengthy explanation as to why she needs help.

Clicking the link reveals a long paragraph pointing the finger at a non-profit organization, that apparently linked her grandfather to a guardianship company. The company was supposed to take care of his finances and assure that his rent was paid, she’s saying they didn’t do their part. Clearly, money is scarce, so I doubt she is pursuing a lawsuit at the moment. In an Instagram post she announced that Next Friday was now on Netflix. She added the caption “I’m on Netflix on the cover of Next Friday, broke and famous and homeless great”  The actress claims her family is also on the brink of losing their apartment in Rhinebeck, NY. She says the landlord wants to evict her on the basis that she is not on the lease. According to the go-fund-me, the apartment has been occupied by her family for the past 40 years. The goal for the page is set for $50,000.

It’s easy to see actors and actresses in movies and think their lives are peachy in the real world. But we’re all vulnerable to coming upon hard times. Ms. Rodriguez’s family is seeing the worst of it. Do you think every struggle deserves a go-fund-me account? Or do you sympathize with her and want to donate?

I’ve added a clip from the movie to remind you of her character on the next page as well as her IG post and how you can contribute to her GOFUNDME. Plus her Filmography.