Details on How Kendall Jenner Was Clubbing With Kyle Kuzma While Ben Simmons Was Asking Her to Take Him Back After She Cheated on Him 6 Times; How Kuz Has Been Seeing Jenner Longer Than People Have Realized (Club Pics-Vids-IG)

This news won’t make Los Angeles Lakers fans happy at all.

After Kuz was spotted on the 4th of July with Kendall Jenner, Lakers fans weren’t necessarily pleased with the developments of Kuzma’s love life.

Apparently, Kuzma’s Melo Yacht hangout with Jenner wasn’t the first time the two have been spotted together.

According to Sports Gossip, Kuzma and Jenner have been spotted together prior to their yacht ride.

The two were spotted together back on June 28th at “Poppy” nightclub in West Los Angeles and arrived together at the club (albeit in separate cars) at 12:40 am and then leaving at 1:25 am with Jenner leaving first, then followed by Kuzma.

Clearly, their club meeting wasn’t the first time both have been together.

Cold world for Mr. Simmons.

Nonetheless, brace yourselves Lakers fans, there is evidence to go along with it.

Flip the pages to see Kuzma and Jenner’s club night out, plus their Yacht photos.

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