Details On Tay-K Being Found Guilty Of Murder And Aggravated Robbery; How Much Time He Faces (Video)

Rapper Tay-K was found guilty Friday morning for his part in the murder of Ethan Walker and the aggravated robbery and shooting of Zachary Beloate.

Tay-K wasn’t convicted for the capital murder charge so he doesn’t get an automatic sentence of life with a chance of parole in 40 years. Even though he doesn’t get the automatic sentence, Tay-K still faces 5-99 years in prison for each of the charges.

his defense attorneys argued that he only participated in the robbery and he wasn’t armed so he didn’t know that anyone would get shot.

Tay-K is also being charged in another capital murder and robbery case after he cut off his ankle monitor while on house arrest. It doesn’t look like Tay-K will be free in a long time.

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