How John Wall is Rehabbing at Cycle House; Details on the Wizards Trying to Pull a Rockets & Unload Wall and His Contract (IG-Vid)

Wahington Wizards All-Star point guard John Wall suffered a devastating Achilles injury last season ultimately playing only 32 games. Wall is hard at work rehabbing from his injury, but when he returns to basketball, it might not be in a Wizards jersey.

The Miami Heat have been rumored to have interest in trading for Walls teammate Bradley Beal, but it appears that the Heat may have interest in acquiring Wall as well.

According to Sports Gossip, the Heat are looking into the possibility of re-engaging the Wizards to acquire both Beal and Wall. Wall still has four years and $171 million remaining on his contract.

It’s unknown whether Wall will be the same player he was pre-injury, but he’s working hard to get back to that level.

Wall was spotted at the Cycle House in West Hollywood where we got to see a glimpse of the shape that Walls currently in.

Flip the page to see the kind of shape that Wall has worked himself into throughout rehab as well as the trade rumors.