How The Nets Didn’t Know Kevin Durant Was Signing With Them Because They Never Met; How They Found Out; Twitter Reacts

Before free agency even started on June 30th, it was announced that Kevin Durant was going to make his decision via his business Instagram. He later chose to join friends Kyrie Irving and Deandre Jordan In Brooklyn with the Nets shortly after free agency started

It brought on questions like how did he decide to join the nets so soon if they weren’t allowed to meet and if there was any tampering involved. Nets GM Sean Marks just answered those questions.

He just revealed that KD decided on the Nets without meeting or talking with the team and he found out the same way we all did. Through KD’s Instagram. It had been reported that KD and Kyrie were joining the Nets but Marks was probably still surprised they didn’t have to do any convincing.

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