Twitter Hilariously Drags Floyd Mayweather After Getting His Ankles Snapped AND1 Style By The Bone Collector During Celebrity Basketball Game (Multiple Ankle Breaking Vids-Tweets)

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is now 50-1.

No, he didn’t lose in the boxing ring, but he took his first L of his career.

That is thanks to James ‘Bone Collector’ Williams during a charity celebrity basketball game.

Participating in the $50K Charity Challenge Match, Mayweather was crossed up by street ball legend Williams.

To make matters worse, Williams drained the three-pointer in Mayweather’s face.

Mayweather is seen rumbling, bumbling, stumbling in embarrassing fashion after getting crossed up.

Mayweather has never been dropped like this before and Twitter hilariously dragged him for it.

Flip the pages to see the ankle-breaking videos and Twitter’s hilarious reaction.

Kevin Gray Jr

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