Twitter Reacts as Josh Norman is Spotted In Pamplona, Spain Jumping Over Bulls (Vid-Tweets)

Josh Norman Making headlines in the offseason for a different reason besides football. Norman was spotted out in Pamplona, Spain jumping over bulls. Yes, you read that correctly. Norman has never been shy of the spotlight and he certainly didn’t disappoint the Spanish fans.

Josh Norman is getting ready for his upcoming season with the Redskins in a very risky way. The injury risk itself seems to be not worth the satisfaction of jumping over a bull. However; This is Josh Norman we are talking about and he’s never shy away from wanting to make headlines.

Norman is currently on a 5 year 75 Million dollar deal and is clearly living his best life. Twitter, of course, chimed in and gave their two cents. Maybe Norman was ok taking the risk of a reckless act because he’s under contract. One thing is certain and that’s the Redskins front office were holding their breath watching the videos of him jumping over the bulls.

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