Watch Panthers’ Christian McCaffrey Train For Upcoming Season By Getting Tossed In Machine and Hitting Lasers With Targets (Video)

Christian McCaffrey had a huge year for himself with the Panthers in 2018 as he had 1,098 rushing yards, seven TDs, and 107 receptions for 867 yards and six TDs. The Panthers had a horrific season though as they started the season at 6-2 but finished 7-9. Cam Newton started to deal with a shoulder injury as well.

NFL teams start training camps this month and McCaffrey is ahead of the game by doing some crazy training. Per TMZ Sports, he’s been using a machine that he’s strapped into and it spins him around for 30-45 minutes. Clinic director Shawn Caldwell says it costs $200,000 and one of only 15-20 in the world. He does this training with NeauraPerformance in Denver.

In this machine, McCaffrey has to hit targets with a laser with each round lasting one minute. A huge of this machine is that it’s supposed to help the brain process information faster. Check out the workout here and flip the page to see his 2018 highlights.

Yuriy Andriyashchuk

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