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BSO Speaks to Titans WR Taywan Taylor About Joint Practices With Tom Brady and Patriots (Video)

The Titans started the first of 2 joint practices with the New England Patriots today. They’ll have one more tomorrow leading up to Saturday night’s game at Nissan Stadium.

Of course if you know, there are so many connections between these 2 teams. Titans head coach Mike Vrabel played the majority of his career in New England under Patriots head coach Bill Belichick. Titans GM Jon Robinson was a scout for the Patriots some time ago.

There are so much more I could get into, but for times sake, I’ll get on to my observations from Titans camp today.

1. Titans Offense Struggles Early, Rebounds Nicely Later

The Titans offense had plenty of struggles in the early portion of practice. From lack of separation to uncharacteristic drops, the offense struggled to find a rhythm early in practice.

However, as practice went along, the 1st team offense found its footing. Putting together a couple strings of encouraging play.

I can’t say the same about the 2nd team offense. The 2nd team offense struggled all throughout practice. Patriots DBs stuck to the Titans’ WRs like glue, not letting a single ounce of jersey get free.

2. Tom Brady Is 42, But Throws It Like he’s 24

Tom Brady is the ageless New England wonder that has gotten himself labeled as the best player of all time. But of course he’s 42, and when you’re 42 as a starting quarterback, you’re going to be doubted a LOT.

Not that this situation happens a lot anyways.

I will tell you this though, Tom Brady was throwing the ball around much better than last season. He looks very confident in his play, which should spell trouble for the rest of the NFL.

Brady also had his share of time picking apart the Titans’ defense. The Titans tried man, but Brady just found someone on the boundary for moderate gains. The Titans tried zone, but Brady zipped the ball in the open areas of the field.

It was overall a good day for Brady and their offense.

Look for them to build on it tomorrow on day 2 of these joint practicies.

3. Taywan Taylor Had Another Great Day

Much has been said on how Taywan Taylor didn’t have the greatest of showings against the Eagles. Taylor dropped 2 passes and failed to be aware of his surroundings on another potential catch.

But these mistakes seem to be almost out the window, because Taylor has put together a great 3-4 days of practice ever since.

Taylor was the only consistent outside threat for the Titans today. He had no lack of focus drops and looked like the guy the Titans know he can be in their offense.

Now, it’s all about taking what he does in practice and putting it on the field.

If he does that, this Titans offense will be a lot more dynamic come week 1.

Quote of The Day

Today’s quote of the day comes from Taywan Taylor himself.

He talked about what has been said to him after his disappointing showing against the Eagles.

Extra Notes 

-Kareem Orr had a nice play in team drills today. He broke up a deep ball attempt at the last second to prevent a touchdown.

-Kevin Pamphile returned as the starter at right guard for the Titans today. Jamil Douglas had gotten some reps there a couple days ago, but it seems Pamphile has been getting a good amount of the snaps.

-Adam Humphries left practice early today. Mike Vrabel didn’t express what the injury was, but he hopes to have him Humphries out practicing tomorrow.

-The Titans run game didn’t get much movement today. Whether it was Dayln Dawkins, Jeremy McNichols, or Dion Lewis. Just not a lot of room out there today. There were however a couple instances where the Titans opened up some decent size holes.

Next practice information

The Titans hit the practice filed tomorrow for the 2nd and final of their joint practices. This is also the last practice open to fans. Practice starts at 9:50 and is scheduled to end at noon.