Draymond Green On If He Would Ask Kevin Durant if He Could Get His Fiancee Pregnant; Steph Curry on What He & KD Talked About After He Signed With The Nets (Videos)

It’s been a little over a month since Kevin Durant made it known he was leaving the Warriors to go to Brooklyn and everyone has been wondering what Steph Curry told him when the two met after the decision was already made.

Steph didn’t really answer what he told KD but he did mention everything KD was able to do while he was a Warrior and how they could connect because of the level they both had to play at saying

“We won two championships and I think we both got better throughout the process both as basketball players and as people. With the demand every single night to be great and everything that comes with, it’s a lot to handle and I think me and him especially on that level could connect.”

Steph also mentions how it’s important for a player to do what makes them happy and you have to be happy that that’s what a player is doing.

Draymond Green also had similar comments about being happy for KD but explained it in a completely different way. While being interviewed by ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, Draymond says he found out KD was leaving when everyone else found out and that that’s the way it’s supposed to be and KD didn’t owe him anything because that’s KD’s life and not his.

Draymond did use a weird example to describe how ridiculous it is for people to think players have to discuss things about their lives with other players saying

“I’m not about to go to Kevin Durant & say, ‘Hey, Kevin, can I get my fiancé pregnant?’” “It’s my life. Am I supposed to come to you and, A, let you know, Or B, ask you for permission? No”

Both Draymond and Steph say how happy they were to win the two championships and how they will be celebrated with each other in the future.

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