How Did 50 Random TV’s Get Dropped Off at 50 Random Houses by a Man With a TV For a Head; Name That State (Video)

In a tale of amazingly random goodwill meets strange Family Guy skit, 50 random homeowners in Virginia woke up on Sunday morning to find random old television sets dropped off on their front doors and porches.

This story gets even more strange/awesome when security footage unveiled that the Easter Bunny type character made his deliveries while wearing a television set on his head to hide his identity.

The more you sit back and think of this story, the harder it is to tell if this story is hilarious or terrifying. Those scenes you’ve seen in the Purge movies or even the movie Fear going back to the days of a young Mark Wahlberg all have moments with sadistic characters communicating through a front of back door surveillance system.

In an article written by The Washington Post residents in Henrico County, VA all woke up to these random gifts from a stranger sitting on the front steps with seemingly no rhyme or reason why.

Residents now were left scratching their head, and if any of us lived in this neighbourhood I’m sure we’d all be doing the same. My inner high school student wants to look at this as strangest, most random, best prank to ever come across my field of vision. My inner adult wants to think “what are these evil TV helmet wearing punks up too?”.

Police in the area got to spend the day driving around picking up the discarded television sets from the neighborhood but in the end this will be seen as more of a no harm no foul situation that will leave that neighborhood wondering for quite some time like an old Dane Cook bit of “What the hell was the point of those TV’s!?!”, for years and years to come.

Flip the page for the video of the TV guy dropping off the TVs.


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